Best face forward: Easy care ideas for every home

It takes a little time for the dust to settle - and we mean that literally - when a new build or renovation is finally complete. While everything feels fresh and new, it’s a great time to consider how to keep it that way for the long haul - and how to finish it off to perfection, from the landscape design to the special touches inside. No professionals needed - with proper planning, you can be your own home maintenance service.


Lawns and garden beds

Those freshly laid rolls of turf hold the promise of crisp lawn perfection - if you do your due diligence. To keep them in tip-top shape, outline a regular schedule of maintenance.

In summer, that looks like a weekly or fortnightly mow and edging and a monthly clipping of hedges and weeding of garden beds. In winter, you can take your foot off the pedal as everything grows more slowly, meaning a monthly once over should stand you in good stead.

This is a job many people take on themselves - a low-cost approach that just needs a little commitment to maintain.

Finish it off: Landscape design not quite there? Consider a row of neatly clipped buxus, a feature ‘Little Gem’ magnolia or decorative climbing jasmine.

Stay in love with the look: Create some drama by contrasting a crisp green lawn with the clean vertical lines of Axon™ Cladding painted in a dark hue like Dulux Monument. Explore our Inspiration Gallery for more DIY landscaping ideas.


Bricks and exterior cladding

Keeping your freshly applied Hardie™ exterior cladding looking its best means an annual clean. Grab a bucket, some non-abrasive cleaning products, and a soft cloth. Apply the solution with the cloth, going with the grain if the product has one, and hose it off before it dries. Spot clean any missed areas, following the same approach.

If you’d prefer to use a pressure cleaner, use it on a low setting, particularly for bricks, where high-pressure can affect the integrity of the brickwork and damage the surface. You might prefer to hire a professional, but with the right tools this job can be addressed in a weekend.

Finish it off: Your walls will look even more impressive with windows lined in neat Axent™ Trim, a durable solution to highlight almost any wall surface.

Stay in love with the look: Choose a product with fewer lines or boards to make future cleaning easier. Try Matrix™ cladding for a clean and contemporary look.

TIP: Windows will benefit from a twice-annual clean, inside and out. Your brand-new home will lose its sparkle if that gorgeous natural light can’t flow!


Hardscaping, pools and fences

Whether you chose a pretty white picket or a Colorbond Steel fence (most likely, a combination of both), don’t take those new fences for granted. Consider an annual high-pressure wash for steel fences and a wash for timber fences (high-pressure can damage the grains or paint finish if you’re not careful). And while you’re at it, give those tiles a good wash too - mould and debris can build up quickly and pose a safety hazard if not addressed.

Using the same tools as you need for your bricks and cladding keeps the costs low on this job - but don’t let it go too long, or you may need to bring in a professional.

Pools need very regular maintenance to function properly and stay clean. You might want to invest in a robotic cleaner, or be out there cleaning every week. Safety gates need regular checking and spraying with lubricating oil or silicone as they pose a risk to small children - add this to your calendar quarterly, and before the swimming season begins.

Finish it off: Dream a little dream: modern landscape design dictates a pool house clad in matching exterior cladding to your home.

Stay in love with the look: In landscape design, a white picket fence goes hand-in-hand with a Hamptons or Modern Coastal exterior. Try Linea™ Weatherboard for a deep-shadow weatherboard as pretty in white as it is in darker shades.


Interior surfaces

It goes without saying that our homes need weekly (if not daily) cleaning, particularly for busy families in high-traffic areas like kitchens. However, surfaces including the walls, ceilings and feature materials also need regular attention.

Spring is a great time to take on annual home maintenance, so pull out a soft microfibre mop, some non-abrasive cleaning solution and a cloth and get to work. Wash and wipe off all surfaces to keep dust, damp and future mould under control, paying attention to areas like skirting boards where dust and grime can build up.

If you are addressing mould, use water and a cleaning solution so the mould spores don’t spread (consider wearing gloves and a P1 or P2 face mask while you clean).

A regular house cleaner can cost upwards of $150 a week (depending upon your home’s size), so this might be a job to take on yourself.

Finish it off: It’s all about the decorating. Bring in lots of soft and cosy surfaces to contrast all those shiny, new hard ones - invest in rugs, cushions, throws and artwork.

Stay in love with the look: Prevent the finished look of your new home build or renovation feeling flat by adding some detail, like Hardie™ Groove Lining to define a cosy reading nook under the stairs, or on a feature wall behind the bed.

TIP: Do factor in pest control. Some pest control companies offer a subscription service, meaning the annual service will come with pro-active reminders and also a lower price, from around $20/month.

Maintaining your new home build or renovation is key to enjoying it for years to come, and to keep it looking its best. Regular maintenance is essential, but investing in the right products from the start will make the process much easier. Explore the full range of James Hardie™ products to get started on your journey.

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