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Our 10-step guide to a smooth and successful moving day

Your project is almost complete and that long-awaited day is approaching – it’s time to plan move-in day! Whether you’ve just built a new home or you’re ready to move back in after completing a stunning renovation, you need a plan. Follow our moving into a house checklist to manage this major move with minimal stress.

Four weeks until move day

Everything you need to consider at least one month prior to move in day.


Book a removalist

The removalist will be handling your most precious possessions, so book a company with a good reputation. Ask friends and family for recommendations, research and read online reviews for fabulous local removalists, and source three quotes to compare.

Heavy items such as large pot plants or bulky items (like timber king bed frames that need to get up narrow staircases) will cost more. Flag these at quote stage to avoid bill shock on move day.

TIP: A large or high-value art collection will benefit from a specialist art removal company.


Set up utilities

For a house to feel like home, it needs essential services up and running. That means electricity, gas and internet, as well as a phone line.

TIP: At all costs, avoid dealing with a teen without wi-fi on your first night in a new home!

Two weeks until move day

As the day approaches, it’s time to get serious. This is happening!


Update your contact details

Let friends, family and neighbours know that your move is imminent, and update addresses for banking, insurance, superannuation and the road and traffic authority. Also, school, TAFE or university, Medicare, your GP, the Australian Electoral Commission, toll tag providers, pet registration, and magazine or newspaper subscriptions… The list goes on!

TIP: Set up mail redirection with Australia Post to catch any stray snail mail.


Organise insurance

You should already have your home insured, but if not, do it now. Make sure your insurance policy includes contents, to avoid being caught short if the unthinkable happens during the move.

TIP: Set a reminder to update contents insurance annually. There’s a good chance you’ll upgrade furniture and appliances in your first year in a new home.


Consider security

Installed a new security system? It’s time to learn how to use it. If not, there are many wireless DIY kits for home security, from straightforward video doorbells to inexpensive multi-camera systems that allow users to log in from anywhere in the world.

TIP: Get a spare set of keys cut and give them to a trusted friend for safekeeping – preferably someone local.

One week until move day

The countdown is on.


Clean your new home

This is your last opportunity to give your new or renovated home a truly deep clean. It’s worthwhile getting this done before move-in day, as building creates a lot of dust. Source a few quotes to get the best deal, and again, read online reviews before employing anyone – good referrals are key.

TIP: Don’t forget the windows – let that natural light flow!


Pack and plan the box drop

With just a week to go, you’re probably knee-deep in boxes and thinking only about the pack – but it’s time to plan the unpack, too. When boxes are properly labelled, the removal team can easily leave them in the appropriate rooms.

Before move day, make sure all rooms are labelled to make the process seamless. For example, a box labelled ‘Joe’s bedroom, top floor, toys’ is more likely to make it to the right room than a box marked simply ‘Joe’.

TIP: Consider marking up a floor plan for the home removal team.


Organise your crew

You will need to start early and be ready to go when the removal team arrives – avoid last-minute packing! If it’s a large move, consider having one person at the old home and another at the new one, directing traffic. If possible, send the kids out for a sleepover – moving can be confusing and even traumatic for young children.

TIP: Pets should also have a quiet and safe place to stay.


Pack the essentials kit

Moving is hard! Keep must-have items in a go-box, and keep this in the car so it doesn’t get lost among all the other boxes. This box should contain clean PJs and bedding for the whole family, snacks and water, a change of clothes, toiletries and towels. Pack whatever feels essential to have on hand – coffee and a kettle, perhaps?

9TIP: We recommend including a bar of chocolate, some headache tablets and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate!

After the move

Now for the fun part.


Getting settled

Take some time off work to allow you to properly settle in and unpack. If you’re moving into a new area, explore your new community, introduce yourself to the neighbours and meet your local barista.

TIP: Enjoy getting to know your new home and all it has to offer. After all, this is what the whole journey has been about!

Moving into a new house checklist:

1. Book a removalist

2. Set up utilities – electricity, gas, internet and other essential services

3. Update your contact details

4. Organise insurance

5. Secure your home

6. Clean your home

7. Plan your move

8. Organise your crew

9. Pack your essentials kit

10. Settle in and meet your community

If you’re at the start of a renovation or new build journey, check out our Renovation Guide for advice, or our Pinterest pages for inspiration. We’re here to help, whatever stage you’re at.

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