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Seasonal looks: Celebratory décor ideas to share on your socials

When it comes to creating inspiring and clickable social media content, let the calendar be your guide. The changing seasons, along with popular festivities and events, are a great excuse to flex your interior design muscles and show off your decorating skills to your friends, family and followers.

Whether it’s Christmas, autumn or the footy grand final, seasonal decorating provides an opportunity to refresh your home’s style and your Instagram feed – or TikTok page, Pinterest board or YouTube channel – at the same time. It’s a smart way to expand your reach with relevant hashtags; and best of all, adding seasonal flair and colour to your home is quick, easy and affordable.


Plan your seasonal decorating approach

A few clever changes to your home décor and online content can really grow your online following while showing your home in a new light, but like anything, it helps to plan what you want to do well in advance. This not only includes coming up with decorating ideas, but also the type of content and the platform that would be most effective for showcasing your work. It’s also wise to allow some buffer time in case things don’t work out as intended and you need to make changes.

Some of the seasons or events that might inspire you to get decorating include the change in seasons (summer, autumn, winter and spring), cultural celebrations (Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Lunar New Year, Diwali) and other popular holidays (New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, birthdays and major sporting events). Keep it authentic by choosing a time that’s important to you and your family or friends.


Research examples on social media

When decorating for a particular season or occasion, start by thinking about the associated colours, fabrics and elements. Take your cues from other social media users, influencers and professional designers.

American and British influencers are particularly expert at embracing the season – check out @reynoldsresidence, @studiomcgee and @theinspiredroom on Instagram for understated but effective examples.

You’ll see colours such as red, orange and brown are often used to evoke autumnal vibes, while in summer, it’s all about cooler, softer shades. Christmas decorations can hero classic red, white and green, or choose a single colour for maximum impact.


Bright ideas for inside and out

Inside your home, swap out linens, cushions and other homewares to align with your chosen theme, and add decorative elements (such as seashells in summer or pine cones in autumn) for extra impact. You don’t have to go all out – just a subtle nod to the season is all it takes.

Complete the look with a seasonally inspired centrepiece that can also be the focus of your content. This could be a hand-carved jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, a basket of painted eggs for Easter, or fresh flowers or a cherry blossom branch in a vase for spring.

Don’t forget to get creative with your home’s exterior, too. Repot patio planters with seasonal colour in spring, or miniature pine trees in December. Have fun decorating your letterbox and front fence for Halloween and remember, wreaths are not just for Christmas. Dot a beautiful green door wreath made from native Australian flora with painted eggs and baby chicks for a cute change at Easter.

To really highlight your home’s façade, loop bunting, fairy lights or garlands of greenery around verandah rails, above front windows or under eaves and remember, if you’re sharing on social media, it’s the personal touches that will really make your content shine.


What format works best?

The type of content you post should be driven by the platform you’re posting it on and the audience you’re hoping to reach.

While photos still look great on Instagram, if you really want your content to be seen, Reels (short videos) are the best way to maximise Instagram's algorithm and increase engagement. Think simple instructional videos or before-and-after clips.

When you’re planning your decorations, consider what would make good content. Think about the process, not just the finished product – for example, a time lapse video of you creating a wreath, or a step-by-step video guide to the decoration of your living room for a grand final party.


It’s all about video

If you’re posting on TikTok, consider super-short hack-style videos. These are performing particularly strongly at the moment with the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok receiving more than 350 billion views to date[1].

For longer videos, Facebook and YouTube are the places to be, and if you want to provide more photos and details about your project, it’s always helpful to link to your blog. Building your own website with user-friendly platforms such as Squarespace and Wordpress is easier than you’d think.


How to extend your reach

Don’t forget that including hashtags with your posts, especially on Instagram and TikTok, will help you reach more followers. For best results, use only a few hashtags per post and avoid anything too broad – your posts will get lost in the crowd.

Now that you’ve got the basics, have fun, get creative and start posting!

For even more tips on how to boost your home decorating ideas on social media, click here.

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