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How to inspire others with your beautiful finished home

Over the past decade, Justine Orton, who runs Orton Building with her husband Luke, has helped countless clients turn their home renovation dreams into reality. So when the time came for the couple to build their own family home, she decided to document the journey online.

As Orton Haus – a light-filled, contemporary beach house in the coastal town of Merewether, NSW – came to life, so too did her blog, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Orton Haus now has 24,500 Instagram followers and showcases the finished home in all its glory, from the soaring ceilings to resort-style pool and stand-out Linea™ Weatherboard exterior cladding.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, new home builder or rookie renovator, there are a myriad of reasons to show off your home on social media. It’s a place where you can record and reveal your hard work, connect with like-minded individuals and share your lessons learnt.

So don’t be shy; read on for our advice on choosing the right social media platform, how to come up with a name for your house, and the best home renovation Instagram accounts to inspire your own.

Which platform should I use?

Your social media platform of choice should align with how and what you want to share. Keen to document your build or renovation journey for family and friends? Upload photo posts to Facebook or a private Instagram account.

If you’re looking to extend your reach, Instagram provides the opportunity to interact with hundreds of thousands of home lovers, DIYers and design professionals. Set your account to public and use popular hashtags such as #renovation, #homeinspiration #homerenovation to get your content seen.

A website or blog is a good option if you like to write (find easy, user-friendly templates on sites such as Squarespace). Or, if you fancy filming a home tour or some before-and-after footage of your build, try YouTube or TikTok.

TikTok is moving beyond its Gen-Z stereotype and was the most downloaded app on the Apple App store in 2022. Check out Australian uber-influencers @threebirdsrenovations who share reveals, student success stories and behind-the scenes glimpses.

Top tips for social success

The current social media algorithms can make it difficult for your posts to be seen organically, but some simple hacks will set you up for your best chance of success.

To start, post regularly – preferably at the same time every day. Follow and comment on accounts of other homes and house renovations you love, re-share their content and interact with your followers – it’s all about creating a sense of community.

Tagging suppliers such as @jameshardieau will be helpful for fellow renovators and builders, and the brands themselves may even re-share your content. You could even create your own unique hashtag to use across the various platforms (this could be the name of your home – see ideas below).

Finally, if your goal is to really get your project out there, video will be your most powerful tool. It presently accounts for 82 per cent of global internet traffic and is crucial if you want your social media account to grow. And you don’t need to be a professional videographer; a raw and real walk-through of your renovation in progress is the kind of content audiences love. Before you post, you can edit the video – adding filters, music and captions – within Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

If you focus on creating authentic content and a well-curated feed, you might even reach micro-influencer status. Typically, mega influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers have dominated the social media landscape, but today we’re seeing a sway towards smaller, niche accounts with a deeply engaged following. Australian accounts such as @katelawrenceinteriors and @the_stables_ are James Hardie partners who have achieved micro-influencer status.

Accounts with between 1,000 and 25,000 followers may even start to secure brand deals – with, for example, a paint brand or bedding label that features in the home – and monetise their content. But don’t make this your aim: concentrate on posting real, consistent content and cultivating your community, and see where the journey takes you.

Should I name my house?

Short answer, yes. A unique Instagram name for your house renovation will serve as your social media handle, give your home character and differentiate it from the masses. You could draw on your name or surname (like the Ortons); reference the location, town or street name (think Montgomery Place or Little Mollymook); or nod to the house’s style (use words such as cottage, shack or manor).

Before you settle on a name, do some thorough research on social media – you don’t want to be one of 72 ‘Ocean View Beach House’ accounts that friends and family have to comb through to find you.

Accounts to follow

Ready to get sharing? Glean inspiration from some of the best home renovation and home building Instagram accounts, ranging from professionals to passionate hobby renovators. Here are some great examples:

Orton Haus

Three Birds Renovations @threebirdsrenovations

BuildHer Collective @buildhercollective

Futureflip @futureflip

Casa Blanca Brookwater @casablanca_brookwater

Lauren Eloise @the_coastalbarndream

Reno Diary@reno.diary

Our Brisbane Build @ourbrisbanebuild

My Burleigh Reno @my.burleigh.reno

Catalina Burradoo @catalina_burradoo

Dilly Shack @dilly.shack

Cadencia Casa @ourcadenciacasa

Every new build or house renovation deserves to be seen – find our in-depth guide to navigating the major social platforms here. And don’t forget to check out the James Hardie Instagram page for more inspiration and ideas.

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