Modern farmhouse

Oak and Orange’s design tips for Modern Farmhouse style

If you’re seeking a look for your home that references classic architecture with a focus on clean lines, open spaces and materiality, Modern Farmhouse might be the perfect fit.

Modern farmhouse

A stunning example of this new direction in contemporary home design is one by Oak & Orange, a team of interior designers specialising in new home builds and teaching others how to design their dream homes.

For more than 15 years, Oak & Orange has been dedicated to building affordable and modern design-driven homes, and have partnered with Better Built Homes for a range of Dream Home projects. Their new home build encapsulates Modern Farmhouse design, with its seamless balance of traditional design and contemporary elements.

“The style is definitely growing in popularity,” says interior designer Sarah Jobse. “Homeowners are seeing ways to inject character charm into their homes, to make them more personal and unique to them and their lifestyle.”

As part of our Modern Farmhouse Design Handbook we’ve collaborated with designers Heather Gampe and Sarah Jobse, who share their knowledge and insight with us into this trending look.

Modern Farmhouse

Oak & Orange’s design moves away from standard new builds towards something more personal and beautiful; they love the Modern Farmhouse style for the dream family home.

Oak and Orange’s designer tips on creating the Modern Farmhouse style

“Our goal is simple,” says Sarah. “To help others who are building a new home to confidently design a home they love coming home to.” For those seeking a grand yet cohesive design, Modern Farmhouse is the answer.

According to Oak & Orange, Modern Farmhouse is adaptable to both suburban and acreage homes as it blends elements of modern and traditional looks.

Modern Farmhouse

“Combining outdoor entertaining with open-plan living is also a must for the Australian lifestyle, and the use of warm timbers, whites and darker accents makes this such a versatile style,” says Sarah.

Modern Farmhouse
Modern Farmhouse

Some key features that define this style: It’s warm and cosy, it combines traditional and contemporary elements and it satisfies the desire for both modern functionality and comfort of traditional design.

The brief for the Modern Farmhouse project by Better Built Homes

On this specific project, Heather worked more closely with the client on the material selections and finishes of the home and Sarah worked more on the furniture and styling components.

The homeowner had a simple brief: “She wanted us to design an Modern Farmhouse home that grabbed attention from the exterior and continued that show-stopping finish right throughout the home,” explains Sarah.

Modern Farmhouse

“The interior design was to feel warm and homely with timber flooring, paned windows and layers of tones and textures in soft furnishings.”

The team delivered a predominantly black and white colour palette for the exterior with greenery that pops in the landscaping.

“The homeowners and their three daughters love everything about their new home. Entertaining with friends out by the pool and around the fire pit; watching movies in the home theatre and chilling in their bedrooms; and the kitchen is a well-loved communal space that looks out to the pool, where high ceilings capture glorious morning rays,” reveals Sarah.

Modern Farmhouse

Oak & Orange’s top 3 Modern Farmhouse exterior design features

Heather and Sarah’s secrets to Modern Farmhouse façades

  1. “Use a combination of black and white” As part of a neutral colour palette with pops of black, this approach sets the scene for a timeless look. Large, square or rectangular paned windows in a signature black colour add a sleek element to the traditional farmhouse look.

  2. “A gabled roof and vertical exterior cladding.” Oak & Orange chose to spin on the classic Modern Farmhouse facade with vertical Axon™ Cladding paired with battening in the gables. Modern Farmhouse evolved from American barns featuring board and batten cladding, making wide panels a popular choice as the primary cladding and the batten strips typically decorative, which gives home designers lots of creative licence. For the board and batten look try Hardie™ Axent™ Trim to create the board and batten aesthetic in combination with Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding or Hardie™ Brushed Concrete Cladding.

  3. “Introduce greenery and formal yet relaxed landscaping.” These homes really settle in the landscape, and benefit from some refined landscaping. On large blocks, a grand, mature tree in the front or back yard evokes farmhouse living and provides shading. For more formal garden design, lilly pilly and callistemon varieties are ideal hedging to surround a timeless turf lawn.

Modern Farmhouse

What defines a Modern Farmhouse interior?

The interior and exterior of Dream Home 8 tie together seamlessly in a wonderful expression of Modern Farmhouse style. Some of the elements which capture this best include the choice of Shaker cabinetry in the Modern Farmhouse kitchen and bathrooms. This profile has just the right blend of traditional and modern.

Modern Farmhouse

Adding warmth against the pared-back monochromatic palette are timber floors and furniture, an essential component to the Modern Farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse

Dark accents such as tapware, cabinetry, and door handles add some welcome contrast and highlight the beauty of the home’s architectural features, along with traditional-style statement feature lighting.

Modern Farmhouse

Finally, the team brought in soft linens and textural soft furnishings and ceramic pottery for styling.

Why are Australians falling for Modern Farmhouse now?

Sarah points to the timelessness of the look as the key reason for it taking hold of Australian hearts right now.

The Modern Farmhouse suits homeowners looking for a grand, open home with small nods to classic farmhouse architecture. It has a huge capacity for customisation and integration of modern floorplans and functionality.

These homes are also of the moment: Modern Farmhouse styles and floor plans cater for hybrid working and leisurely lifestyles.

To learn more about how to create the Modern Farmhouse look, download our Modern Farmhouse Design Handbook. Inside the handbook you’ll find a style overview and essential details of the interior and exterior design features; materials and textures; design variations and Hardie™ cladding solutions.

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