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6 must-follow Facebook Groups and Pages for home renovators

Joining a renovating or building Facebook group, or following a relevant Facebook page, is a straightforward way to find a community of like-minded home aficionados. It’s ideal if you’re looking for information, or if you’re in the process of a house renovation or are happy to share your own lessons learnt.

These helpful Groups and Pages cut through the jargon, uncover new ideas and products, and help you define your vision – bringing you closer to creating your dream home.

Facebook Groups vs Pages

Facebook Groups are communities you join, usually after answering a short series of questions to demonstrate that you have a legitimate interest in the community. You can post questions and join discussions on your topic of interest.

A Facebook Page is different. It’s often run by a business, and while they don’t feature posts from users, they often have vibrant comment sections and the content shared is a free, valuable resource. The James Hardie Facebook page is a good example.

Facebook Groups

Here are our top three Groups, where you’ll find lively discussion and active debate on all things renovating and building.

mums who build, renovate and decorate

Number of followers: 137.7K Why join? Wondering if you can take on DIY home renovations? The Mums Who! community aims to help you do just that, by sharing some great advice. “In this group, you can share or ask about all sorts of home building, renovating and decorating tasks,” say founders Rachael and Karlie.

The Group is a safe space for Australian parents, where community members regularly post their decorating and renovating dilemmas, promoting vibrant discussion, along with advice and tips.

design, renovate and build with builder

Number of followers: 5.1K Why join? This is an inspiring group created by BuildHer Collective, a business all about empowering female renovators and builders to find their voice, get educated and demystify the often complex building process.

“We help other women to design, build or renovate their own home, or develop for profit,” explains Rebeka Morgan, co-founder of BuildHer Collective. “We educate women through an online course and have live Q&As and a trade discount program.”

On this Facebook Group, you’ll find women who are actively involved in the building process offering considered advice and a supportive space. And, if you love the benefits of this Group, it’s worthwhile checking out the other services offered by BuildHer, which include short courses on building or renovating kitchens and bathrooms, through to developer masterclasses.

Group 3: The Reno Club

the reno club

Number of followers: 66K Why join? When it comes to the basics of renovating a house, The Reno Club has you covered. It’s a fantastic Group for members to have discussions, ask for advice and seek inspiration, all under the banner of construction and design.

Members also have access to exclusive discounts, but the main advantage is its huge community, guaranteeing a range of styles, viewpoints and expertise shared from Australian women coast to coast.

Facebook Pages

Our favourite brands and influencers share quality content on Facebook Pages to inspire your new build or renovation.

renovating mums -sydney facebook page

Number of followers: 6.3K Why follow? Renovating Mums provides you with a community of like-minded women, resources and recommended services to empower you to create your dream home for your family.

With content on topics as broad as landscaping and pool design to designing a Hamptons beach house, Renovating Mums also has a comprehensive trade and services directory to help put you in touch with the professionals you need.

three birds renovations facebook page

Number of followers: 269.8K Why follow? Arguably Australia’s most influential home renovators and flippers, not to mention valued James Hardie partners, Lana, Bonnie and Erin (the eponymous ‘Three Birds’) have completed an incredible 14 quintessentially Australian homes together so far.

They’ve shared every step of each renovation or new build along the way with their dedicated followers, and also launched their own platform to teach others the ins and outs of house flipping and home renovation.

Follow their Facebook Page to keep abreast of their latest projects, plus details on their trade partners and Reno School offers, along with plenty of advice and inspiration.

the school of renovating facebook page

Number of followers: 19K Why follow? With a focus on renovating for profit, The School of Renovating speaks to a community of renovators who love property and renovating, aiming to build their expertise and support one another in their journey to financial freedom.

“I started The School Of Renovating in 2013 to have an impact on the world,” says founder Bernadette Janson. “I wanted to help creative women channel their flair and love for homemaking into an income with renovating and Airbnb.”

Visit the website for regular blog content, download the podcast (She Renovates) or simply enjoy the Facebook feed.

For more home inspiration visit the James Hardie Facebook page, and download our Renovation Guide for must-have advice on the renovation process.

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