Inspo special: 10 Three Birds Renovations homes you’ll love

It's safe to say that Three Birds Renovations know the secret to creating a breathtaking home renovation, one that combines a quality finish with maximum street appeal. And it's why the Three Birds design team turns to products from the Hardie™ Architectural Collection time and again to realise their vision. In fact, the Three Birds team has consecutively unveiled an incredible 10 dream home makeovers, all featuring inspired applications for Hardie™ external cladding and accessories.

Three Birds directors Bonnie, Lana and Erin have built a huge following with their design ideas for renovations and new builds, all of which demonstrate their commitment to lasting quality and affordability. For them, Hardie™ cladding ticks every box.

Why Three Birds Renovations love external cladding from the Hardie™ Architectural Collection

Three Birds have been working with James Hardie for over six years, using a variety of Hardie™ cladding products from the Hardie Architectural Collection to bring to life their modern renovation ideas.

“One of the reasons we love working with the Hardie™ cladding range is they provide endless design possibilities, with such a wide variety of profiles, textures and widths,” says Erin.

A versatile use of exterior cladding ensured the success of 10 recent Three Birds projects. Each home falls into one of these signature styles:

  1. Coastal Cool

  2. Hamptons

  3. Contemporary Cottage

Clad your home for Coastal Cool

Think crisp, white-on-white exteriors, open decks and verandahs, natural textures, relaxed styling and horizontal lines reminiscent of shorelines. So how do Three Birds Renovations achieve their signature Coastal Cool style?

“Without a doubt, the most important element to bring to life a coastal feel is the cladding you choose, and Linea™ Weatherboard works a treat,” says Lana.

“It’s the weatherboard look that reminds us of those summer beach houses. Its shape, its style and its thickness are just perfect and they’re low maintenance and durability means they will retain their look for longer.”

linea-modern-coastal-glennhaven-jameshardie- 19 fboazi (2)

See it used to stunning effect on Bonnie’s House 8, achieving the charm of timber without the longevity issues of shrinking, swelling and warping. Linea™ Weatherboards are pre-primed and made out of Hardie™ fibre cement which means they can maintain your paint finish for longer.

linea-moderncoastal-glennhaven-TBRphoto-jameshardie 21 k6umnp (3)

“For us, a coastal look still works just as well for a house that’s nowhere near the coast,” says Lana. “Like Bonnie’s (House 8) on acreage in a semi-rural setting or House 14, set in a suburban neighbourhood. Both these renovations exemplify Coastal Cool with complete Linea™ Weatherboard exteriors, of course in our signature white.”

linea-moderncoastal-exterior-3birdsrenovations-house14-jameshardie-71 (3)

Hardie™ exterior cladding from the Hardie™ Architectural Collection hits both the resort-style coastal aesthetic and the requirement to adhere to bushfire attack level requirements to BAL40, and durable enough to withstand tough Australian conditions (and termites!).

Classic Hamptons in a flash

For a perfect example of a contemporary Hamptons renovation, see Three Birds’ bold combination of Linea™ Weatherboard and Stria™ Cladding at House 5. The former shack (that most developers would “detonate rather than renovate”) underwent a Hamptons revival – in quick time.

hardieflex-exterior-baulkhamhills-jameshardie-2 dqx7ts

For this speedy renovation, Three Birds chose Hardie™ cladding which can be gun-nailed to timber frames or screwed to light gauge steel frames. After cladding the structure in Linea™ Weatherboard painted in a classic grey, the team added a bold, box extension using Stria™ Cladding. Installed vertically, this product offers a striking contrast and demonstrates the design possibilities of Hardie™ cladding from the Hardie™ Architectural Collection.

Exploring colour for a Contemporary Cottage

How do you make a snug cottage feel spacious? Be guided by Three Birds' Contemporary Cottage style, which plays character features against modern design elements to create the illusion of space.

House 9 was a ‘60s cottage deprived of warmth and charm until Three Birds Renovations wrapped its exterior in Linea™ Weatherboard. A coat of bold black paint, contrasting white trims and chic canopy window awnings and this abode is now the “prettiest home in the street”.

180312 HouseNine 010 (1)
linea-modern-exterior-3birds house9-jameshardie- 19 l5i7rc

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