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Vertical cladding steals the spotlight

Design and architecture is an ever-changing landscape, with new trends emerging constantly. On the radar right now is a rise in the use of vertical cladding to create modern looks that exemplify minimalism, capture attention and bring drama to facades.

Traditionally, cladding is laid horizontally – weatherboard cottages and villas are just one example. Flipping it vertically creates an opportunity to highlight architectural details, exaggerate the height of rooflines and simply add something unexpected to your home’s exterior. Here’s why vertical cladding is trending right now:

  • It makes a bold design statement

  • The grooves and lines create depth and interest

  • It pairs beautifully with other materials, such as brick or the calm render look of Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding

  • The vertical lines exaggerate height and soaring rooflines

  • It marks a departure from the more common horizontal cladding facades.

Let’s dig deeper into reasons why Australians are loving this distinctive look.

Vertical cladding makes a statement in all the right ways

Gaining fans as a way to create drama and detail on walls, vertical cladding is being used across the design spectrum. We’ve seen it as part of the hugely popular Scandi Barn trend, used to give a new twist to classic coastal abodes and showcased on the latest series of The Block .

Why? Because vertical cladding lends itself to multiple looks, with different vertical cladding products bringing unique details to your home’s façade. There are the deep, slanted grooves of Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding, the clean lines of Axon™ Cladding and the thick shiplap boards of Stria™ Cladding. Durable and easy to work with, these fibre cement cladding products are the smart choice for future-focused home builders and renovators.

It can highlight stunning peaks and exaggerate height

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Where: A striking New Zealand family home that draws the eye to the skies, this house epitomises a fresh approach to residential architecture, utilising cladding to create a modern vertical profile that is easy to maintain. Combined with a peaked roof and vintage bricks, Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding in 200mm and 300mm widths in a bespoke board arrangement creates a striking appearance. The variated width of the Oblique™ boards is a new take on vertical cladding, along with the deep slanted groove that invites an ever-changing play of light and shadow.

Who’s it for: Future thinkers boldly embracing new trends and designs.

A vertical profile transforms tired spaces

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Where: You only need to turn to Australia’s own style-setting renovators and James Hardie partners Three Birds Renovations to see this popular exterior home trend come to life. The team keenly utilised Stria Cladding installed vertically to completely redefine a suburban façade. With deep, distinct grooves thanks to the thick shiplap boards, the cladding delivered wow-factor in a cost-effective way that embraces the vertical trend subtly and beautifully. The shiplap boards simply slot into each other, making installation straightforward, so builders love it too.

Who’s it for: Those ready to take on a more contemporary vibe.

Vertical cladding is redefining traditional looks in an ultra-modern way


Where: For this canal-side home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, charcoal-painted Axon™ Cladding delivers contemporary, minimalist style to the upper storey, in dramatic contrast to the white Linea™ Weatherboard below. This fresh take on Queensland’s weatherboard vernacular speaks to the home’s beach location, with the finely detailed fibre cement Axon™ adding height and drama to the pavilion form. A clever touch is provided by the striking upper-storey window hoods, which are detailed seamlessly into the cladding, providing welcome shade while also enhancing the sleek beauty of the façade.

Who’s it for: Those seeking new takes on classic Australian vernaculars.

Discover what Stria™ Cladding, Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding or Axon™ Cladding could bring to your renovation or new build.

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